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creating memories to last a lifetime

At LA Decors, we understand that your wedding day is an extraordinary chapter in your love story. Our wedding decor services are meticulously curated to transform your celebration into a visual masterpiece, reflecting your unique love story and style.

Our Wedding Decor Specialties

Welcome Signs

A welcome sign at your ceremony entrance instantly creates an ambiance and sets the tone for the entire event. A welcome sign can be simple or ornate. It can be a tabletop sign, a tall floor sign, or a chalkboard with a handwritten message. 

Wedding Arch

Rounded, square, or in an unexpected geometric shape, a ceremony arch to say your vows beneath makes for great ceremony photos! Cover it in flowers for a romantic look, drape it with fabric for a bit of whimsy, or opt for solid wood if you’re embracing a more rustic style.

End of Aisle Decor

Mark the end of each aisle (or every other aisle) with wedding flowers, lanterns, faux candles, or swags of greenery. You can also use any other decorative accent that speaks to your personal style!


Every reception table needs a centerpiece. Centerpieces can be small and understated or huge and ornate — depending on your wedding style!

Table Decor

Along with centerpieces, decorate your tables with a tablecloth or table runner, chargers, pretty place settings, napkins, champagne flutes, water and wine glasses (glassware), and silverware.

Depending on your venue, dinnerware and linens may be available. If they’re not, you can have some added fun choosing your own!

Chair Decor

Consider adding a slipcover or throw pillow, depending on the type of chairs in your venue. Or add something to the back, such as a floral swag or mini sign, to make your chairs more unique.


Floral arrangements of all shapes and sizes make for gorgeous decorations! In addition to floral bouquet centerpieces, think about adding:

• Tall flower arrangements in floor vases

• Flower arrangements that hang from the ceiling

• Flower arches or flowers climbing up a wall

• Flower vases on bars and accent tables

Embark on the enchanting voyage of crafting your dream wedding ambiance with us

Embrace a wedding day adorned with sophistication and beauty. Contact LA Decors to schedule your consultation and let's embark on the journey of creating a wedding decor that surpasses your dreams.

Thank you for considering LA Decors for your luxury decor needs. Please fill out the form below, and we'll be delighted to assist you in creating a space that reflects your unique style.

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